Constitution-Lincoln Chapter

DSA Lincoln Constitution: Amended March 25th, 2018

Article I: Name

The name of this organization shall be Democratic Socialists of America, Lincoln, Nebraska Chapter (DSA Lincoln or DSA LNK).

Article II: Purpose

The purpose of this organization is to extend democracy to the sphere of work and home; to unite those in our community who are fighting oppression in all forms, including racism, sexism, homophobia, cissexism, xenophobia, nativism, economic injustice; to promote a broader understanding of the inherently exploitative and oppressive nature of Capitalism; and to build a more peaceful, just and democratic world, starting in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Article III: Members

Section 1

Any person who shares the values of DSA and DSA Lincoln and who is a resident of Lincoln, Nebraska, as defined in the Bylaws Section 3: Membership Area, can become a voting member of DSA Lincoln and be eligible for holding office in DSA Lincoln by becoming a dues-paying member of DSA.

Section 2

DSA membership fees can be sponsored by other DSA Lincoln members and DSA Lincoln may establish a fund to cover membership fees for those who wish to join but cannot due to financial reasons.

Article IV: Officers and Leadership

Section 1

Officers of DSA Lincoln shall include a Chair, Vice-Chair, a Secretary, and a Membership Coordinator.

Section 2: Officer Eligibility

Any voting member of DSA Lincoln is eligible to run for an officer position.

Section 3: Statement on Inclusive Leadership

DSA Lincoln values diversity of opinion and experience, and seeks to center our organization around the concerns and ideas of the people most marginalized and disenfranchised under Capitalism. We seek leaders who have experienced various forms of oppression and are passionate about fighting for the rights of people of color, LGBTQAI+ people, immigrants and refugees, women, people with disabilities, people prosecuted for their religion or lack thereof, people who speak other languages and others.

Section 4: Choosing Officers and Terms

Officers shall be elected by a simple majority of voting members of DSA Lincoln at a meeting publicly announced to all DSA Lincoln members. Prior to each vote, members will be given DSA Lincoln’s statement on inclusive leadership and a description of each officer’s duties. Officers shall serve for one year from the date of their election. Officers may be recalled by a 2/3s majority vote of voting DSA Lincoln members, in which case a new election shall be held at the next DSA Lincoln public meeting.

Section 5: Officer Responsibilities

The Chair shall be responsible for leading meetings and setting meeting agendas, or designating a rotating meeting leader. The vice chair shall assist the chair in this. The secretary shall be responsible for taking notes of DSA Lincoln public meetings, and posting the notes at DSA Lincoln’s website, The Membership Coordinator shall be responsible for maintaining the contact list, verifying membership in DSA Lincoln and DSA National.

Article V: Committees

Section 1: Standing Committees

DSA Lincoln shall maintain standing committee to focus on specific issues, including, but not limited to, Membership and Outreach; Issues Framing and Education; Government Action; Community Action.

Section 2: New Committees

DSA Lincoln may elect to form a new committee via a simple majority of voting members at a public meeting as long as a chair and co-chair are identified.

Section 3: Organization

DSA Lincoln committees shall be self-organizing, electing their own officers and setting their own meetings. Committees shall send a representative to update DSA Lincoln on their activities at public DSA meetings. The committee leadership will abide by Article IV Section 3.

Article VI: Meetings

DSA Lincoln shall meet publicly at least once a month. Meeting location shall be in Lincoln, at a meeting space easily accessible to all. Because of various work schedule and other commitments among members, DSA Lincoln shall strive to schedule meetings in a diverse way to avoid locking out people who may not be able to be able to attend at specific times.

All public DSA Lincoln meetings shall be announced on the website at least two weeks in advance of the meeting date. The agenda for a meeting shall be posted at least two days prior to the meeting. A quorum of 10 percent of the members (but not fewer than six persons) is required for meetings to transact business.

Article VII: Amendments

This constitution may be amended at a public DSA Lincoln monthly meeting under the following conditions: The proposed amendment is made available to DSA Lincoln members at least one week before a vote; the vote must take place at a public DSA Lincoln meeting; the vote can only take place if at least 20 percent (but no fewer than six persons) of DSA Lincoln voting members are present; and the amendment passes with a 2/3s majority of members voting in favor.


Section 1: General membership meeting rules

The Rules contained in Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised shall govern general membership meetings in cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with these Bylaws.

Section 2: Decision-making

Consensus of all persons present at a meeting is the preferred method of decision-making at meetings of DSA Lincoln, but when consensus cannot be reached a formal vote will be taken, in which only DSA Lincoln members (as defined in DSA Lincoln Constitution, Article 3, Section 1) may vote.

Section 3: Membership Area

Residents in the general area of Lincoln are eligible for DSA Lincoln membership, including zip codes 68508, 68588, 68509, 68503, 68502, 68542, 68501, 68583, 68521, 68510, 68504, 68522, 68506, 68529, 68505, 68528, 68512, 68507, 68523, 68531, 68516, 68524, 68532, 68514, 68526, 68520, 68339, 68517, 68527, 68336, 68402, 68461, 68430, 68428, 68423, 68438, 68462, 68404, 68317, 68372, 68347, 68360, 68017, 68304, 68368, 68418, 68366, 68419, 68065, 68405, 68333.