DSA Lincoln: Second Meeting!


DSA Lincoln Meeting
Sunday, December 18 – 2pm
The Commons 1239 South 14th, Lincoln

Meeting Agenda

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  1. Intro
    1. Intro from Meeting Organizers
    2. Go around the room
    3. Socialist School
  2. Discussion
    1. Summary of last meeting’s discussion
    2. Committees and Structure:
      1. Committee could include
        1. Membership, Outreach and Recruitment
        2. Website / Social Media
        3. Direct Action Group
        4. Issues Working Group (i.e. Feminism, Anti-Racism, Queer/Trans, Immigrant Issues, Economic Justice)
        5. Issue Framing / Communications
        6. Reading/Discussion/Movie group
        7. Leadership committe
        8. What other commitee ideas do we have?
    3. Local Update
      1. Proposed City Budget Charter
        1. The “Ratchet” effect
        2. City Council Hearing, Monday, 5:30 pm: Let’s show up
      2. City Council Candidates
        1. Bennie Shobe
        2. Lou Braatz
  3. Forming a Local Chapter
    1. Requirements from dsausa.org/constitution Article III: Local
      1. Written statement of agreement with the principles and policies of the organization
      2. a description of the geographic area to be served by the Local
      3. a proposed Constitution for the Local
      4. Signatures of 15 dues-paying members of national org
    1. This is too much to do today. So, we’ll form an Organizing Committee
      1. Need 5 dues-paying members to sign off
      2. Sign and send to Maria right there at the meeting
      3. OC members will help execute requirements in item III-A
      4. Schedule meeting for OC to do this.
      5. OC members welcome to join conf call with DSA Nat’l Mon, Jan 9 @ 7pm
  4. Next Time
    1. Set next meeting date and time
    2. Direct Action TODOs:
      1. Go to dsausa.org/calendar, RSVP for a call
      2. Become a dues-paying member at dsausa.org/join
      3. Testify at City Council Budget Hearing, Monday, 5:30pm
      4. Help Keep the Commons open! GoFundMe/Cash donations