May Day Coalition Cookout

Sunday, April 30, 4:30pm – 7pm
Trago Park, 22nd & U, Lincoln
Facebook event here:

May 1st is International Workers Day. The workers of Lincoln will take this day back, because it belongs to us and not the boss!

Celebrate workers. We make the world!

Eat food and nurture community. Bring something to share:
food or ideas or both.

Brainstorm with like minds who aim to
around rights for all workers this year.

A lot more if we work together!

Rain location will be at The Black Cat House

We are also encouraging people to head up to Omaha on Monday to show solidarity with their demonstration. (


Socialist Reading Group – April 26

April 26 – 6:30pm
The Black Cat House, 1601 B st, Lincoln
Really excited to kick off our first socialist reader’s group. We’re going to start slow and with lots of mixed media (books, songs, videos, memes), so it should be more or less appropriate for all education levels.

We will be reading this short article together and discussing it. You can read in advance if you would like, but don’t feel like its necessary.

We will also watch the reader’s choice film before the event and discuss it during the meeting.

DSA Lincoln May Meeting and Potluck

May 9, 7pm
The Commons, 14th & B, Lincoln

Hello Comrades! Our next meeting will be held on May 9th at The Commons, starting at 7 P.M. We will be continuing our discussion of Democratic Socialism, community involvement and activism. This will also be a potluck. So, if you can, bring food.

As part of the potluck, we will be accepting donations to benefit DSA Lincoln. Current members are encouraged to give $5-$10, but it’s definitely not required!

This event is open to the public, so bring a friend!

Lincoln Meeting April 9

DSA Lincoln Meeting
Sunday, April 9th — 2pm
The Commons (14th & B st) Lincoln

Meeting Agenda – April 9 – 2pm

  1. Intro
  2. Legislative Update
  3. Local Update
    1. City Council Election
    2. Climate march – April 29
    3. Temp Committees
    4. Phone Tree
    5. DSA Potluck Fundraiser
    6. Omaha DSA help
    7. Banner
  4. National Org Updates
    1. National Convention Aug. 3-6
    2. Chapter paperwork due April 17
    3. Need bylaws & signatures of 15 paid members
    4. Need list of zipcodes for our local chapter
    5. Phone banking for Khalid Kamau in Georgia City Council
  5. Next Time
    1. Next meeting – May 9th, 7pm

DSA Lincoln Meeting – Feb. 12 at the Commons

DSA Lincoln Meeting
Sunday, Feb. 12 — 2pm
The Commons (14th & B st)Lincoln

Want to help spread the word? Download fliers (PDF) to print & distro on your own.

Meeting Agenda – February 12 – 2pm

  1. Intro
    1. Intro from Meeting Organizers
    2. Go around the room
    3. January minutes are online at
  2. Legislative Update
  3. Self-care/ engagement level
    1. This is a marathon, not a sprint
    2. Avoiding burn out
    3. Don’t over commit
  4. Rapid Response Team
    1. Explanation and Structure
    2. Sign up
  5. Committees
    1. Purpose
    2. Sign Up
  6. Volunteers: We need people to
    1. Liason with other groups (Indivisible, ACLU, LDP, etc.)
    2. Manage social media presence
    3. Street teams for signs / flyers
    4. Bring friends to the Happy Hour and Meetings!
  7. Constitution
    1. Moving debate online – draft at “About” section
    2. with your comments
    3. We are voting on constitution at March 8 meeting
    4. We need to be a chapter by April so we can send more delegates to DSA National Convention
    5. National Convention is August 3-6 at the University of Chicago – Illinois
  8. Other local events
    1. Blue Bench Project
    2. Nebraska Dems doing free training
    3. for more
  9. Next Time
    1. Happy Hour: Friday, March 3rd, 5 – 8pm, Cottonwood Cafe, 440 South 11th
    2. Next Meeting: Wednesday, March 8, 7pm @ The Commons
    3. Direct Action TODOs:
    4. Take & distribute flyers for Happy Hour and Meeting
    5. Join the National Org. More members = more delegates at convention.
    6. Join our RRT.

Omaha DSA – January Meeting

January 8 at 6 pm at 6112 Bedford, Omaha 68104.


  1. Intro – brief introductions
  2. Opportunities for Action:
  3. Items suggested by us: A.Internal Education / Study Group; B. Platform Building; C. Coalition Building; D. Outreach
  4. Outreach: A. create socialist flyers/pamphlets; B. Extending political education – reading groups; trained speakers; conferences; C. DSA Podcast; D. Tabling events / Flyering – at Farmers Market – at UNO E. Parade events
  5. Coalition Building: A. Meet with other organizations; B. Identify and reach out to allies C. Tri-party; D. Radical solidarity
  6. Issues/Actions to focus on: A. Universal Medicare; B. Inauguration protest
  7. Additional Items suggested by us:
  8. Gentrification: A. Repairing properties to keep them up to code; B. Informing landowners on property tax abuses; C. Renter’s education; D. Focus pressure on City Council/mayoral candidates
  9. Nebraska’s collections agencies: A. Putting pressure on State Senators; B. Reach out to Nebraska Appleseed
  10. De-escalating marijuana ciminalization: Push against attorney general.
  11. Transportation: A. Align values with Heath Mello, Heartland 2050, Green Streets; B. Advocate for light rail
  12. Urban Agriculture; A. Resisting Stothert’s push against Urban Ag initiatives; B. Working with Omaha Permaculture and Douglas County Farmer’s Union
  13. Public Education: A. “school choice” and the campaign to bring charter schools to Nebraska
  14. Whiteclay: Upcoming legislative session will have lobby week for taking action on Whiteclay.
  15. Coalition Building: Look up list of 501c4’s to identify friendly organizations
  16. Organizations to Work With: A. Black Lives Matter Omaha  B. La Alianza  C. Farmer’s Unions across the state  D. Nebraskans for Civic Reform  E. Black Men United  F. Heartland Workers Center  G. Islamic-American Relations Council  H. Center for Rural Affairs  I. National Association of Social Workers. J. NAACP  K. NAACP  L. Teamsters  M. Omaha Together One Community
  17. Opportunities to table/have a presence: January 20 event at Milk Run/NEO on Leavenworth. — William Johnson
  18. Support for City Run Public Homeless Shelter