Omaha DSA – January Meeting

January 8 at 6 pm at 6112 Bedford, Omaha 68104.


  1. Intro – brief introductions
  2. Opportunities for Action:
  3. Items suggested by us: A.Internal Education / Study Group; B. Platform Building; C. Coalition Building; D. Outreach
  4. Outreach: A. create socialist flyers/pamphlets; B. Extending political education – reading groups; trained speakers; conferences; C. DSA Podcast; D. Tabling events / Flyering – at Farmers Market – at UNO E. Parade events
  5. Coalition Building: A. Meet with other organizations; B. Identify and reach out to allies C. Tri-party; D. Radical solidarity
  6. Issues/Actions to focus on: A. Universal Medicare; B. Inauguration protest
  7. Additional Items suggested by us:
  8. Gentrification: A. Repairing properties to keep them up to code; B. Informing landowners on property tax abuses; C. Renter’s education; D. Focus pressure on City Council/mayoral candidates
  9. Nebraska’s collections agencies: A. Putting pressure on State Senators; B. Reach out to Nebraska Appleseed
  10. De-escalating marijuana ciminalization: Push against attorney general.
  11. Transportation: A. Align values with Heath Mello, Heartland 2050, Green Streets; B. Advocate for light rail
  12. Urban Agriculture; A. Resisting Stothert’s push against Urban Ag initiatives; B. Working with Omaha Permaculture and Douglas County Farmer’s Union
  13. Public Education: A. “school choice” and the campaign to bring charter schools to Nebraska
  14. Whiteclay: Upcoming legislative session will have lobby week for taking action on Whiteclay.
  15. Coalition Building: Look up list of 501c4’s to identify friendly organizations
  16. Organizations to Work With: A. Black Lives Matter Omaha  B. La Alianza  C. Farmer’s Unions across the state  D. Nebraskans for Civic Reform  E. Black Men United  F. Heartland Workers Center  G. Islamic-American Relations Council  H. Center for Rural Affairs  I. National Association of Social Workers. J. NAACP  K. NAACP  L. Teamsters  M. Omaha Together One Community
  17. Opportunities to table/have a presence: January 20 event at Milk Run/NEO on Leavenworth. — William Johnson
  18. Support for City Run Public Homeless Shelter

Omaha 1st Meeting

Meeting Agenda

1. Intro
A. Meeting organizer intros.
B. DSA – history and structure and Dem Socialism Vision
C. Intros – around the room

2. What local issues need action?

3. The organizing committee and chapter. – putting Omaha DSA on the map
A. Organizing committee – 6 dues paying members – how we organize is up to us
B. Chapter – 15 dues paying members needed – again, our organization is up to us

4. Our next actions
A. What actions can we be involved in – as a group
B. What can we do – as individuals

5. Next meeting time and location?